Top Five Benefits of Stretching

Stretching. Think of it as the new miracle drug for dancers, athletes, gamers, even book worms. Kids of all ages can benefit from stretching on a regular basis. Here are the top five reasons why:

1. Stretching lengthens the muscles, which makes them more flexible and increases their range of motion. For dancers, that means deeper splits and higher leaps. For tennis players, it means a better twist for a backhand shot.

2. Stretching increases blood flow to the muscles. This warms up the body and reduces the risk of injury. For soccer players, this can mean the difference between a goal and a groin injury.

3. Stretching improves posture. Playing computer games, looking at a phone, reading a book for hours -all can cause a child’s shoulders to round, making their muscles weak. Stretching strengthens those muscles, helping kids stand straighter.

4. Stretching can decrease muscle soreness. After a hard dance routine or a tough game, muscles can ache. Stretching relieves this discomfort.

5. And finally, stretching can help kids sleep better because it promotes relaxation. When children stretch, their focus turns to their breath and their body, and not on the stressors of the day, like COVID and homework.

Fusion Dance Solana Beach, near Del Mar, makes stretch classes fun for everyone. Sign up your child for a class either in our studio or in your house with our virtual option.