Summer Intensives & Summer Camps: Good for the body AND the brain

The summer months are quickly approaching, and this season summer intensives and summer camps are more important than ever. Intensives are an opportunity for dancers to do a deep dive into their craft, with multiple classes and instructors each day. Camps offer children a chance to explore new dance styles and boost their creativity with dance crafts. In both intensives and camps, students develop strength, flexibility, and technique when they are well-rested and not tired from the school day. This season, summer intensives and summer camps will also give dancers a chance to escape months of stress due to COVID-19. Plus, studies show dancing engages the mind, so your child will continue learning outside the classroom.

Summer intensives and summer camps provide training in many disciplines, from ballet to jazz, contemporary to hip hop. Dancers are able to focus on learning skills and mastering moves instead of practicing for a recital. The benefits include:

Staying physically fit: An entire summer without dance can set a performer back significantly. Without consistent training, dancers lose flexibility and strength. Summer intensives and summer camps work on both and build stamina, balance, and muscle memory. Dancers who take the summer off often spend weeks re-building these skills in the fall.

Gaining confidence: Students boost their technical proficiency in a short amount of time. With this notable progress, dancers gain confidence and accomplish more in their training the following academic year.

Work on social skills: Summer intensives and summer camps are a great place to make new friends, build lifelong relationships and have a lot of fun.

Better brain function. Kids can avoid the “summer slide” by taking summer intensives and summer camps. These sessions work on memory skills with different step combinations and choreography. And dance improves visual-body coordination and mathematical skills as dancers identify movement and musical patterns.