Say hello to a membership and goodbye to a registration fee!

Fusion DanceSolana Beach is proud to announce its “Rollover Membership” offered exclusively to current dancers. Perks include:

  • Priority enrollment for the following season. Pick your favorite classes, summer camps and master classes before the general public. Most classes fill up before the fall season starts. Now you can have your first choice of classes and have your dancer’s schedule set before summer even begins.

  • Teacher evaluations and recommendations for classes based on your student’s talents and schedule. This personalized care removes the guesswork and stress associated with choosing classes and allows your child to develop their skills more efficiently.

  • No more signing up or registering again. Cross this task off your “to-do” list. Your dancer automatically stays enrolled from one season to the next.

The best part? You don’t have to do anything.

All Fusion Dance students are automatically in the club. Membership fee is locked in at $45 a year and will be charged to your account on June 1st.

You will have first priority from June 1st-June 14th to choose classes. There is no contract and if you would like to opt-out, simply Click Here before May 7th, 2021.