The Benefits of Dance for Gymnasts

Gymnastics and dance are often considered complementary activities, and for good reason!

They both tend to positively impact the skills of the other, and for gymnasts in particular, dance can build their confidence in a few key areas of progress. It offers gymnasts a way to explore the art of their movement, as well as their memorization skills and musical abilities.

In our experience at Fusion Dance Solana Beach, what we’ve seen over the years is that dance training can offer gymnasts an advantage when it comes to cross-training both mind and body! So, whether your gymnast is training for fun or for competition (or both!) dance can provide these important benefits along the way …

Dance Develops Grace

Although gymnastics is often considered more of a sport than an art, gymnasts must express artistry in their movement—particularly on balance beam and floor exercise. Their performance quality must shine alongside their skills in order to showcase their clean technique and poise. In this way, dance training allows gymnasts to develop a lightness and grace to each step, position, and tumbling pass. Dance also helps them tap into the details of the lines and shapes they create, such as with their pointed toes and elongated fingers.

Dance Cultivates Body Awareness

Dance training for gymnasts adds an extra layer of body awareness to the execution of their movements. For example, gymnasts often perform the same routines repeatedly throughout their season, and dance training can help boost their “muscle memory” … otherwise known as the way they remember what to do without conscious effort. Because dance class is built on repetitive phrases of movement (some quite long!) it helps gymnasts cross-train their muscle memory and fine-tune their body awareness.