Ms. Chrissy

Dance Instructor

Chrissy has been apart of the dance world for over 20 years as a Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor, Make-up artist, Studio Manager and Director. She began her dance training at the age of 4 at Oceanside Dance Academy under the direction of Jocelyn K. Wilson. As a competition dancer, Chrissy distinguished herself by receiving a scholarship to New York, a dance scholarship from the Arizona Jazz Festival, Joe Tremaine touring scholarship/ convention assistant as well as studio dancer of the year. She was also crowned Miss Teen Dance, Miss Dance America and Ms Broadway Magic in 2004.

In high school Chrissy was a competitive cheerleader as well as captian of the varsity dance team. She has competed in numerous city and state pageants and has both performed and choreographed in the 2002 Holiday Bowl and 2003 Super Bowl half-time shows. In her senior year she was the recipient of the honorable "Directors Award" and received a dance scholarship for college.

She continued her training under Joe Tremaine, Anthony Russell, Theo Ivey, Tarua Hall, Sue Gilson, Patty Obey, Mia Michaels, Doug Caldwell and Tessandra Chavez. Chrissy became a member of the Unity Dance Ensemble and was the first member to train on all three professional companies, Unity 2, Unity SD and Unity LA. She has performed numerous times in the Choreographers Carnival and went on to Chicago to dance in the Jazz World Congress as well as an ongoing promotion for Puma clothing and shoes. 

Chrissy is technically trained in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, tumbling, rhythmic gymnastics and basic ballroom. She has choreographed and taught for many Southern California High Schools and Colleges. Being a competition dancer herself it was  only natural for her to teach/choreograph her own competitive teams for dance studios. Her teams went on to be National Champions and win high honors such as "1st Overall" as well as many judges awards including "Best Choreography" and  "Most Entertaining". Chrissy loves competitive dance and has enjoyed being a Director of Competitive Programs for studios for over 6 years now. She also enjoys judging for competitions and traveling. 

Since getting married and starting her family in 2007, Chrissy is excited to share her love of dance with her daughter’s Sienna and Lainey. Chrissy's grandmother, mother, and brother all trained in dance and feels they are proof that a dancing family is a happy family.

She believes dance provides discipline, passion, dedication, responsibility, compassion and appreciation and feels dance really can make a difference in a child's life!